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Carbon Monoxide: How the Misuse of Common Equipment Can Be Deadly, sponsored by Exponent

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Construction Law
Michael Barry |  Francesco Colella |  Lindsey Gilman |  Tim Morse
49 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Often referred to as the “Silent Killer,” carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause incapacitation and death in only a few minutes. It is produced by the incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels, such as natural gas, propane, or gasoline, and can be generated by many common sources, including motor vehicles, engine-driven tools, and home heating systems.  

This webinar will cover typical issues that arise in litigation involving CO poisoning and the different analytical, experimental, and numerical tools available to address these issues. Through case studies, the presenters will examine the following: the most common causes of CO fatalities; necessary conditions to cause the formation of CO as well as dispersion and accumulation of CO; and the codes, standards, and regulations that govern CO detection and products and equipment that can generate CO.  


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