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Matt Vanderkooy

Geosyntec Consultants

Matt is focused on client environmental contamination challenges, particularly for PFAS. He helps clients investigate PFAS sources, environmental distribution, exposure to human and ecological receptors, and fate and transport in multiple environmental media including air, surface water, stormwater, groundwater, soil, sediment, wastewater, biosolids, fish, and vegetation. Matt translates investigative findings into insights, strategies, plans, and actions for remediation. Matt has implemented remedies for PFAS in surface water, stormwater and groundwater. A proven innovator, Matt develops new ways for clients and the industry to assess and remediate contaminated sites. For instance, Matt was part of a diverse technical team that furthered PFAS knowledge, specifically regarding analytical challenges involving novel PFAS. These insights have led to changes in how certain PFAS analytes are reported interpreted and now remediated.

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PFAS Risk Assessment and Remedy Design in Challenging Hydrogeological Settings sponsored by Geosyntec

Jason Conder |  Chris Shores |  Matt Vanderkooy
51 Minutes
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