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Matthew K. Brittain, Ph.D.


Dr. Matthew K. Brittain is responsible for cases at S-E-A that require the determination of the presence or absence of harmful or intoxicating chemicals, testing and analyzing data for harmful contaminants in our food or environment and evaluating contributing factors in the cause and manner of death or illness. Evaluates exposures to and human health effects of microbial organisms, alcohol, drugs, metals, chemicals, pesticides, gases, and other occupational and environmental potential contaminants. Additionally, assesses laboratory procedures and testing methods to determine the integrity of relevant data and data collection methods for drug, pesticides, and other toxicological analysis.  Also evaluate, drug related cases including, but not limited to, intoxication, drug-related problems, hazardous drug combinations or overdoses, indications and contraindications, and drug labeling and warnings. Immediately prior to joining S-E-A Dr. Brittain managed the Chemical and Pesticide Laboratories within the Consumer Protection Division of the Ohio Department Agriculture. The laboratory was the testing location for pesticide misuse case, residue testing, and formulation verification for the state of Ohio. He also consulted on public health and toxicological cases within the state of Ohio.

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Toxicology, Pharmacology and General & Specific Causation

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Michael J. Wernke, R.Ph., Ph.D. |  Matthew K. Brittain, Ph.D.
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